The research pole on contemporary art collections, supported by MO.CO. (Montpellier Contemporain) and the University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, brings together a team of multidisciplinary researchers on issues related to contemporary collection practices.

This research pole aims to clarify the role played by contemporary art collectors and their collections within the art ecosystem since the 1960s. What is the collector's contribution to the production and modification of values, whether economic, social, symbolic, aesthetic or historical, and more broadly to the life of the works? How has the content of the collections had and still has a local, regional and international impact ?

These questions require an understanding of collectors and their collections in all their facets : the variety of human and geographical profiles, the choices made, collection practices, sociability, relations with institutions, and more broadly, commitments in artistic life (support for production, exhibitions, etc.) are factors that can shape distinct contributions to the vitality of the art world and to diversity.

Likewise, the composition of collections, their exhibition, circulation, reproduction, dismantling and marketing, transmission, or patrimonialization have an impact on contemporary artistic life on different scales.

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