The Public Service at MOCO


The public service at MOCO aims to bring awareness to contemporary creation and to various artistic processes. All throughout the year, it supports the exhibitions by developing and revising diverse programs catered to a large public, including experts or otherwise, youths, adults, individuals and groups.


A constant dialogue

A mediation team is always present in the rooms to accompany those who wish to better understand the exhibition.

Each week, the mediators of the MOCO propose tours of the exhibition. Weekly tours, surprise or even combined tours are just some of the types of tours offered.


Various tailored formats

To accompany you in your encounter with contemporary arts and to develop your observational skills, the public service at MOCO propose:

  • Differents types of tours and workshops
  • Meetings with the artists
  • Conference and training cycles
  • Workshops and practical internships with invited artists
  • Supplementary documentation: visitor booklets, and children booklets
  • Mediation tools and observation games
  • Partnership opportunities


Encouraging access

In an attempt to connect to a wider public, the public service has developed customized events for publics working in the social sphere, for associations, for “culturally disengaged” publics, as well as for those with disabilities.


Providing support for schools

MOCO – Montpellier Contemporain is a preferred educational partner with schools, from kindergarten to universities alike. MOCO engages with the public through a series of encounters and exchanges around art to deepen their understanding of the works.


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