MO.CO. Panacée

14 rue de l'École de Pharmacie, Montpellier

From February 1st, 2020 to August 20th, 2020

Public opening on January 31, 2020 / 6.30pm

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[Permafrost is the word given to describe the frozen layer of soil that cover a quarter of the surface of the Northern hemisphere. Subject
to climate disturbance, these grounds melt and release large quantities of methane and carbon, causing erosion, disappearance of lakes, landslides and soil subsidence. The thawing also upsets the composi- tion of plant and animal species and activates the release and spread of previously unknown bacteria and viruses that have remained frozen for thousands of years.]


MO.CO. Plaisir
Playlist by an artist of the exhibition
Edition of the 10.01.20 by Pakui Hardware

Edition of the 07.02.20 by Max Hooper Schneider

Interview for Radio Aviva
ENTRACTE - with Caroline Chabrand, Curator of the exhibition

MO.CO. Partage
Audioguide of the exhibition by Oaqadi and the youth of PJJ


Forms of disaster

The Permafrost exhibition presents itself as a changing landscape, transforming the art center into an immersive experience. The artists offer artworks, improbable relics and hybrid objects, linked to natural, social or political disasters resulting from global climate change. Visitors are confronted with the vulnerability of a changing world.

Conceived as a metaphor for current or imminent crises, the thawing permafrost serves as the anchor of the exhibition. It is explored as a complex phenomenon, carrying at once danger and potential.

Permafrost explores more specifically how these current systems (ecosystems, capitalist systems and symbolic systems) adapt and transform in an uncontrollable and unstable morphogenesis.The works engage in the creation of the now as the future and generate a reality and a science-fiction. They also ask the question: which symbols, forms and myths will still exist when known systems collapse, landscapes crumble, and cycles go out of sync ?

The artists in Permafrost appropriate and invent different aesthetic, formal and narrative regimes. In blurring the boundaries between distant past and near future, geological eras and production chains, they seek to develop aesthetic systems that meet the challenges of our time, that are forms of resistance.

Resonating with the 16th Istanbul Biennal The 7th continent, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, Permafrost brings together installations, sculptures, videos and drawings, many of which were co-produced by MO.CO. Panacée and the Istanbul Biennal. A rich program consisting of meetings, symposiums and screenings will accompany the exhibition.

The artists of the exhibition

Deniz Aktaş, Ozan Atalan, Nina Beier, Dora Budor, Rochelle Goldberg, Eloise Hawser, Max Hooper Schneider, Nicolas Lamas, Pakui Hardware, Michael E. Smith, Laure Vigna.

The curators 

Vincent Honoré, Exhibition director, Caroline Chabrand, Curator and Rahmouna Boutayeb, Projects manager, assisted by Taddeo Reinhardt.

Light scenography 

Serge Damon


In partnership with IKSV Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts Biennial - 16th Istanbul Art Biennial.

With the support of :

Centre culturel lituanien        Fluxus




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Vues d'exposition : Nina Beier, Plugs, 2019 / Ozan Atalan, Monochrome, 2019 / Laure Vigna, Incorporate, 2019 / Rochelle Goldberg, Digesting gold, 2018 et Growing, 2018 | Photos © Marc Domage