MO.CO. Panacée

14 rue de l'École de Pharmacie, Montpellier

Du 2 octobre 2021 au 9 janvier 2022

Ouverture le 1er octobre 2021

SOL ! The Territory Biennial

#1 – One Step Aside

One Step Aside is the first edition of SOL! The Territory Biennial.

This biennial was designed to offer a renewed panorama of contemporary creation in our territory every two years.   

After having identified more than 300 artists, we met with a hundred of them to define a first set of 31 names. Of different generations, of varied paths, working in Montpellier, Sète, but also Poulx, Crespian, Aniane, Maraussan or Bréau, these artists work in a spontaneity of gesture or idea and allow themselves to go beyond the frameworks that would impose a normative reading of what «makes art».

For some, this means not entering categories (outsider art, crafts, fine arts, etc.). For others, the process of creation is as important as the object that results from it, as the process never seems to end… Finally, some works seem to impose themselves for the awareness that they would provoke through an offbeat look, much more than by a form that would be admired.  

The exhibition presents these artistic, poetic and social positions through three themes: the relationship to History, the relationship to Society and the relationship to Nature. 

Specific lighting will be brought to the “fanzines”, as this form of expression embodies spontaneity and freedom of creation. The exhibition was also the occasion for the MO.CO. to reaffirm its support for creation on the territory: half of the artists presented have indeed produced new works. The biennialSOL! has the vocation of repeating itself every two years, thus allowing to renew the gaze focused on the artistic scene of the territory, entrusted to a different curatorial team for each edition.  

The exhibition and its publication were supported by the Occitanie Region.  



BECQUEMIN & SAGOT, BIASCAMANO Aldo, BOITARD Fabien, BRÈS Elsa, CARAGLIU Charlotte, CASSIGNOL Julien, CHEVALIER Lise, COSTE Anne-Lise, DAVID Agathe, DEZEUZE Daniel, FANTOZZI Élisa, FONTAINE Margaux, FREGOSI Adrien, GARCIA Pablo, GAY Joëlle, HAVEL Marie, LATTIER Gérard, LEKLETI Mohamed, LOSCH Émilie, MARTIN Audrey, MAURY Ganaëlle, PHILIPPE Clément, PIAU Aurélie, PONS Anne, POULAIN Guillaume, TILMAN Pierre, UNAL-BRUNET Pierre, UCHINO Natsuko, VAGUELSY Gaétan, VIALLAT Claude, ZAGARI Carmelo.  


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