From 13.09.2020 to 29.11.20
Opening 12.09.20 at 11:30 

Château Capion
Chemin de capion, 34150, Aniane

In partnership with MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain

Samuel Spone, Corridor

Château Capion 2020

In this inspiring place located in the heart of nature, Samuel Spone was hosted in residence this summer to continue his research. The "Corridor" exhibition brings together a set of unpublished works, including a monumental painting produced in situ.

In his paintings, drawings and photograms, he operates by addition and subtraction in order to experience materials and their interactions using accident, as well as variations in time and scale. By drawing from multiple artistic, literary, cinematographic and even the world of video games references, he creates fictional spaces where abstraction and figuration intermingle.

Following Chloé Viton and Baptiste Roca, Samuel Spone is the third artist to benefit from this collaboration between a public, contemporary art institution and a private vineyard.


Opening 12.09.2020 at 11:30

Program : 

- opening of the exhibition at 11:30
- DJs Ugo Masciave and 1B3R (Maxime Franco) 
- foodtruck


Samuel Bertrand was born in 1992. Lives and works between Montpellier and Arles.

Coming from MO.CO. Esba (Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier), Samuel Bertrand acts on materials, adding and subtracting material. In his creative processes, gesture, time and scale vary. It uses accidents related to the chemical reactions of inks, tar and bleach. The drawings then metamorphose in a cinematographic environment, where figurative and abstract elements intertwine.

From his drawings, multi-referential spaces to his paintings, a game of shifts takes place and allows viewers to read different things.