Throughout the year, we offer specialized tours for kids, teenagers and families.

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Little collectors’ tours

A playful tour to discover a selection of works from the collection.

> MOCO Hôtel des collections

For kids ages 6+

3€ per children


The little studio

Practice and awareness for contemporary art conducted by the mediators of MOCO

> MOCO Panacée

For kids ages 6+



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The word lab

Exhibition discovery and word games about the works

> MOCO Hôtel des collections and MOCO Panacée

For teenagers ages 12+

3€ per person


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For families

Family tour

Kids and adults can visit the exhibition together.

> MOCO Hôtel des collections and MOCO Panacée

3€ per children and entry ticket + 3€ supplement for adults at MOCO Hôtel des collections, free at MOCO Panacée


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